The philosophy of Agnew Aquatics Swim School
​​Swim instruction for life!
One of the most satisfying and rewarding skills in life is to learn how to swim. In our part of the country, where we have easy access to lakes, rivers and oceans, becoming a competent, safe swimmer allows us to take full advantage of the Pacific Northwest's water fun. We also have highly competitive swim leagues for those wanting to take their skills to another level. A top priority at Agnew Aquatics is to develop a respect for the water and an understanding of how our body interacts with the water. 

Swimming is a very  complex skill made up of many simple components. From freestyle to backstroke and breaststroke to butterfly each stroke when broken down into small components becomes a manageable skill anyone can learn. Once the basics are combined, the  complex skill of a specfic stroke is achieved. It doesn't happen overnight and everyone developes at their own pace but with practice and desire, anyone  can learn to swim any stroke. 

The most important aspect of teaching someone how to swim is the environment. Comfortable surroundings, friendly, knowledgable instruction with patience are keys to successful skill development. Each swim program at Agnew Aquatics, whether it is a parent/tot class or an advanced stroke lesson, nurtures self-esteem and self-confidence by creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. 

​The Facility

Agnew Aquatics Swim School is an adjustable, semi-enclosed structure. During the fall and winter months the cover remains  closed creating a comfortable pleasant environment. During the spring and summer months the structure opens up at one end offering summer breezes, sun and shade to all.

The pool was specifically designed for swim lessons, conditioning and water safety courses. 

Maintained at 88 degrees, the water is very comfortable. A warm water temperature helps students concentrate on the lesson and enhances their overall positive experience.

Pool dimensions are 45 feet in length by 20 feet in width. Depth is 3 feet in the shallow end and 9 feet in the deep end of the pool. The large pool size provides instructors with many options and variations on swimming drills for efficeint skill development. 

A pool house with changing area, waiting/play area and restroom provide convenience and comfort for those about to swim or observe.